In order to ensure the thorough protection of our clients’ rights, we provide the following services:


At bustaman, we recognize the importance of branding and the commercial significance of trade marks of goods and services and their values as assets, and thus the need for protection and identity in a fast changing competitive market.

bustaman provides extensive services in this respect, ranging from advice on use of trade marks to ensure total protection to registration. We have vast and varied experience in handling trademark portfolio for institutional clients and have international law firms as our referral source because of our experience in handling huge trademark portfolios.

  • domestic and international trade mark availability searches;
  • assessment of trade mark registrability, analysis and assessment of risk of proposed new marks;

  • filing of trademark application up to registration and renewal services;
  • recordal of assignments and licenses;
  • attendance to objections and opposition hearings before the registrar;
  • trademark watching services;
  • labelling, packaging and advertising advice.


The emergence of each major technology sees the need for greater protection for new inventions to eliminate unfair competition in the market. In line with the objectives of patents as incentives to invent and innovate, we at bustaman assist our clients in drafting specifications for their inventions and filing the same for patent protection.

With Malaysia joining the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on 16 August 2006, we also file international applications on behalf of our clients via the PCT route.

  • assessment of patentability and identification of inventions;
  • searches for novelty and prior art;
  • draft patent specifications in all fields of technology;
  • filing and maintenance of domestic and foreign patent applications and registrations including via PCT;
  • filing and maintenance of utility innovations

Domain Names

Domain names allow Internet users to more easily find and communicate with web sites and other server-based services. It is an important tool that helps identify and establish a company’s reputation and popularity by virtue of its use in the open market.

The popularity of domain names also led to unauthorised registration of trade mark rights as domain names, known as cybersquatting, especially targetted to valuable trade markets.

At bustaman, we help clients by protecting their domain name rights through registration, renewal and maintenance. We have professionals who are experienced and have brought successful closures to various domain name acquisition cases as well as domain name related disputes.

Industrial Designs & Geographical Indications

bustaman assists local and foreign clients in providing advice on registrability of industrial designs; filing the applications and extension of registrations; and filing applications for geographical indications.

IP Management Policies

An area of importance in intellectual asset management for clients, bustaman provides advice and assistance on formulating policies for intellectual property management to ensure effective maintenance and records of IP assets as well as carry out IP audits to ensure proprietary rights and IP assets are properly identified, evaluated and protected whilst renderining advice on exploitation of these assets

Confidentiality & Trade Secrets

We understand the need for secrecy and advise on contractual and equitable obligations to confidentiality and also provide operational advice on maintaining trade secrets and confidentiality. We assist clients to draft confidentiality agreements and advise on the legal effects of restraint of trade.